Observations From The New York Jets 27-20 Victory Over The Buffalo Bills

Richard Parrinello, of Brookhaven, New York, kept the snakes in his detached garage, all neatly stacked in containers and at the right temperature, according to Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk County SPCA. Burmese pythons are illegal in New York, and Parrinello’s were taken from the house to a reptile sanctuary in Massachusetts while the rest of the snakes are still in his garage, according to Jack Krieger, communications director for the Town of Brookhaven on Long Island. Gross said all the snakes appeared to be in good health and there was no animal abuse or neglect. “It was a well-maintained facility, it was very clean and organized, it was a business,” Krieger said. By the numbers: Pets Parrinello kept an online website, “Snakeman’s Exotics,” which advertised a collection of pythons, boa constrictors and hognose snakes available for sale both domestically and internationally. After weeks of investigation into alleged workers compensation fraud, the town of Brookhaven, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Suffolk County Police and the SPCA executed a search warrant in Parrinello’s home, where he lives with his wife and 10-year-old son, according to a news release from Brookhaven. Undercover investigators spoke to Parrinello, who claimed to have $500,000 in inventory stored on the premises, including snakes, turtles and turtle eggs, the news release said. Authorities also say they found a few tarantulas and a couple of freezers with frozen mice and alligator carcasses. Krieger said Parrinello wasn’t arrested or charged with any criminal activity, but he was running a business out of his residence in a residential area, which is a violation of the town code. Town Law Department officials are still investigating and will likely issue numerous violations in the coming days. When reached by telephone, Parrinello declined to comment. “What makes this case especially egregious is that this individual was allegedly operating this reptile business out of his home, posing an unknown threat to the neighbors of this community,” said Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine. Peter Constantakes, spokesman for the DEC, said Parrinello was interviewed and issued two summonses for possessing wild animals without a permit and for possessing alligator parts without a permit, each one carrying a maximum fine of $250. The U.S.

New York crackdown on fake online reviews sees 19 companies fined

Linebackers lead the way- David Harris and Demario Davis once again led a unit that made plays sideline to sideline. Harris is off to an excellent start this season as he appears much quicker to the ball carrier. Davis struggled a bit in pass coverage as tight end Scott Chandler made a couple of big grabs against him. Under the radar players- Damon Harrison and Leger Douzable continue to play very well on the Jets defensive line. Both of these guys have been stout against the run and have contributed to the Jets pass rush. It is encouraging to see the Jets continue to develop young talent on the line. Kyle Wilson struggles- Kyle Wilson had an awful day on Sunday as he had a total of 5 penalties in one series on four consecutive plays. Wilson’s meltdown resulted in a touchdown for the Bills and a temporary benching. Overall Flag on the play- The New York Jets were flagged a record 20 times for a total of 168 yards. It is truly remarkable that the team found a way to overcome this ridiculous amount of penalty yardage. Rex Ryan and his staff must clean up these mental mistakes as they cannot continue if the Jets want to remain competitive. Aggressive playcalling- The Jets coaching staff was very aggressive on both sides of the ball.

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Companies advertised for fake reviewers on listing site Craigslist and Freelance.com. One SEO firm required fake reviewers to have set up a Yelp account that was at least three months old and to have written at least 15 reviews before they were commissioned to write fake posts. Aaron Schur, Yelp’s senior litigation counsel, said the company was taking “many steps” to ensure the integrity of its reviews including legal action and sting operations. “We applaud NY attorney general Schneiderman for his willingness to tackle the issue of illegal fake reviews head on, and for his success in shutting down these operators. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with the New York attorney general’s office and any other interested law enforcement office or regulator to protect consumers and business owners from efforts to mislead,” he said. Agreements were reached with a charter bus operator, a teeth-whitening service, a laser hair-removal chain and an adult entertainment club. Schneiderman’s office found evidence that dentists, lawyers and an ultra-sound clinic had all commissioned fake reviews. One company that reached an agreement with Schneiderman was Staten Island bus company US Coachways. The company currently has one and half stars on Yelp, one being the lowest possible rating. “NEVER, NEVER USE THESE GUYS!!!” one reviewer wrote in 2012. According to Scheiderman Edward Telmany, US Coachways’s chief executive, wrote to staff in 2011 warning them that online criticism was hurting their business. “We get bashed online,” Telmany wrote. “We are loosing [sic] money from this.” Telmany told his employees to write favorable reviews and posted a five-star review himself on Yelp that began: “US Coachways does a great job!” He commissioned freelance writers to write other positive reviews. The company agreed to pay $75,000 in fines and stop writing fake reviews. The fake reviews have been removed.