No More Launches New Celebrity-driven Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign (video)

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Celebrities, athletes, corporate leaders, and advocates have joined forces to generate awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault, and encourage bystanders to help. Additionally, our good friends at NO MORE are also sharing the results of a new national study, commissioned by the AVON Foundation for Women , that reveals the staggering silence and inaction around domestic violence and sexual assault in the U.S. The new study shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans know victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, but they do not talk about the issues with their children or friends, or take steps to help survivors. The study NO MORE Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Survey of Attitudes and Experiences of Teens and Adults shows an urgent need for increased awareness, conversation and education around domestic violence and sexual assault, with an emphasis on what bystanders can do to prevent violence and help victims before it is too late. Among the key findings of the newly released study: 60% of Americans know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault. Three out of four (73%) parents with children under the age of 18 said that they have not had a conversation about domestic violence or sexual assault with their children. 67% of Americans say they have not talked about domestic violence with their friends; even more, 73% have not discussed sexual assault. Even though 75% of Americans say that they would step in and help a stranger being abused, the reality is most people do not help. For example, among the 70% of women who experienced domestic violence and then told someone about it, more than half (58%) said that no one helped them. But 64% of Americans say if we talk more about domestic violence and sexual assault, it would make it easier to help someone. The Avon Foundation for Women funded this survey to better understand why domestic violence and sexual assault remain so inherently hidden and marginalized in our society, said Carol Kurzig, President of the Avon Foundation for Women. The data shows us that conversations about these issues simply are not happening. That silence leaves victims trapped by the shame, stigma and fear that these crimes carry. If we can encourage more people to start talking, we can end that cycle and bring these issues to light in a new way. The full report can be viewed at . The new, celebrity-driven NO MORE PSA directly addresses the silence and inaction of Americans on these critical issues.

New NO MORE PSA campaign featuring more than 40 celebrities calls attention to domestic violence and sexual assault and encourages bystanders to help.

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